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Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla Wise with Age - But Keeping it Young! By Kevin Joostema, Partner, | July 2017 The 2017 Toyota Corolla brings a long list of updates to its minor cycle refresh that allow it to continue to be a wise choice to get you through the grind of daily life. Whether it is your trip to high school, to college, your commute to work, daily runs to the grocery store and Target or even Starbucks runs, the Corolla provides a safe and secure feeling to leave home with and return every day. What is this vehicle? The Corolla is the compact sedan offer from Toyota – and is one of the highest selling nameplates in the world. The 50th anniversary edition was available in 2016 as the first generation was launched back in 1966. The Corolla became the best selling model in the world back in 1997 – surpassing the VW Beetle. Over 40 million have been sold and this is the 11th generation of the Corolla. The Corolla, along with the Honda Civic and the Ford Focus and to a lesser extent the VW Golf (as a hatchback), define the continuum of the Compact Sedan segment in the US marketplace. Who is this vehicle for? Anyone looking at a Compact Sedan; there is no one type of owner, but it often can be for the first time vehicle owner that [...]

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Toyota Prius Three

Toyota Prius Three From the Sun to the Road – an electrification Tour de Force By Kevin Joostema, Partner, July 2017 With over 20 years and 2 million plus Prius family vehicles sold in the US alone, the iconic hybrid vehicle from Toyota Motor continues to give you a feeling of WOW when driving this third generation, the Prius Three. What is this vehicle? This is the iconic hybrid from Toyota Motor. With a new styling that is liked by some, but not liked by others. The styling takes a new leap forward with this third generation of the Prius to keep looking advanced and carrying some futuristic edging from the Mirai fuel cell vehicle. It is the rear tail light treatment that gets the ding for the styling by most consumers. On the positive side – it does stand out and is a defining signature look, which plays better at night on the road to stand out and be recognized as something unique. The vehicle is a 5 passenger, compact hatchback that reads from the side exterior almost like a midsize sedan with a fastback design. Who is this vehicle for? Mainstream compact car owners or midsize sedan buyers that definitely want to make a Green statement with the highest fuel efficiency available and to feel like you are making a difference as a car driver. This difference also contributes to [...]

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Volkswagen Atlas

Volkswagen Atlas VW “Goes Big” in the US By Kevin Joostema, Partner, | July 2017 With an additional investment of 0 million in the factory just opened in 2011, VW is bringing its biggest vehicle to date – the VW Atlas – to US consumers this summer. What is this vehicle? This is a competitive, 3-row, Midsize SUV newly developed by Volkswagen to compete in one of the hottest segments of the US vehicle market: Historically, Midsize Sedans have been the largest volume segment in the US. However, market volume – and profits – for the leading manufacturers, whether mainstream or luxury – are now driven by Compact SUVs and these Midsize SUVs. It meets all the required cues for what the most popular, high-volume Midsize SUVs have given consumers for decades: It has a presence on the road due to its size. The driver has a commanding view of the road and feels “p0werful” from inside. It is cavernous inside – with flexible space in seating versus cargo It drives like a car – not a truck. Dynamically it is comfortable to drive. Who is this vehicle for? Mature families that want an alternative to the high volume (and thus common) leaders like the Honda Pilot or For Explorer in this segment. This is a new buyer for the VW brand to attract – to date there has not been [...]

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The Sport Model Craze

The Sport Model Craze – Available from Any Brand! One of the trends to be seen in the Auto Show circuit of 2017 is the democratization of the “Sport Model.” No matter the vehicle segment – from small cars to large SUVs – a sport model with several special pieces of design and content can be found.

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