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First Impressions: 2021 Ford Bronco

2021 Ford Bronco The Legend is Back! By Anthony Cressey, Contributor, | July 2020 First impression of the 2021 Ford Bronco? Amazed. I like Toyota FJ's, and I like Jeep Wranglers. The new Bronco to me looks like if an FJ and a Jeep had a baby, then gave it steroids and took it to the tattoo parlour. In my humble opinion, it's a mean looking, fully capable off road vehicle with all the creature comforts. Ford hit it out of the park with this one, and as long as it performs as well as it looks, the new Ford Bronco is going to give the competitors a run for their money. I plunked down $100 to get in line! Ford take my money already! I think my top 3 things I like about it are: All the factory-backed options/add-ons right from launch (factory lift, light bars etc) Offered in a 7 speed Manual transmission The infotainment! (12" screen, upgraded stereo, trail app etc) All the off-road tech available (like front swaybar disconnect) looks way cool! Ok so that was 4, who's counting... -- Tony

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2019 VW Jetta GLI

2019 VW Jetta GLI For shoppers that like the GTI but want a sedan By Andres Valbuena, Partner, | March 2019 The 2019 Jetta GLI is a great choice for the shopper that wants performance and style. The new MQB platform is excellent and brings technology updates including the GTI powertrain to this sedan. If you want to make your commute more fun and save thousands over the luxury brands, then definitely take a look at this new Jetta GLI. What is this vehicle? The Jetta GLI first launched in the 80's as the MK1. Back then, it used the same engine as the GTI and also included some better bolstered seats, sport suspension, and other performance tweaks. It was fun to drive and was a great performance version of the Jetta. That same formula carried onto the second generation but then it lost its way in the MK3, including its name. In 2005, the original formula came to be again with the MK4 and carried onto the MK5. That formula of using the same equipment as the GTI kept those performance sedan customers smiling. With the Mk6 Jetta, there were changes made to the platform that impacted the base driving characteristics. Because the Jetta was redesigned towards a lower cost vehicle, some of that cost cutting naturally carried into the GLI. No longer was it a GTI with a trunk. It [...]

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