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Autocross: 2018 Chevrolet Bolt EV

Autocross: 2018 Chevrolet Bolt EV Chevy sets out to prove the Bolt can be a jolt of high-voltage fun...and puts a smile on our face. By Randy Lioz, Editor, | October 2018 Sales of the Chevy Bolt EV have been building steadily, as more Americans discover the benefits of EV ownership. While there are still challenges to overcome in terms of charging infrastructure, Chevy is eager to make the case that electric vehicles are not only just as much driving fun as internal combustion rides, they can be even more of a hoot! The Event Chevy invited journalists to drive an autocross course in the Bolt, to show that it can handle itself during aggressive driving. There were four Bolts there, two each with both all-season tires and much grippier summer rubber. The team also brought one of the industry benchmarks for front-wheel drive hatch fun, the Volkswagen GTI, so we could see how GM's EV stacks up against a gas-powered rival. For those who haven't yet experienced the joy of autocrossing, it's generally a parking lot—find one without many light poles if you can swing it—with a bunch of cones set up in the form of a road course. The course configurators will throw in some slaloms to weave through, some tighter turns and some high-speed sweepers, so you can get a feel for all of a car's handling characteristics...and of [...]

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